I really enjoy that Obama obviously has some advisors who have a good understanding of what kind of media outlets he needs to hit and how to reach certain demographics, but what I enjoy most is the idea that somebody at some point must’ve basically counseled Obama that “the way to reach the youth is through sick burns

Ah yes. How amazing. A media script writer for a witty imperialist whose orders have resulted in thousands of people killed in the Middle East, East Africa and Central Asia/South Asia while domestically he continues approving of increased militarism in police ranks and poverty in majority black and brown communities, not to forget cracking down harder than ever on immigrants among other lovely policies. He delivers drone strikes against children and sickburns on entertainment TV for motherfucking idiots like you who think it’s cool as hell and so original. It must be wonderful being so astoundingly dense.

you must know it’s more complicated that than. Somewhere in your brain, you have to know that President Obama is neither wholly responsible, nor wholly able to choose which laws he can pass. Honestly, if he can’t even get to work with the negative pressure of the Congress, how do u expect that he has ANY control over ally situations establish LONG before his presidency. I honestly feel sorry for him. I feel sorry because none of us know how he REALLY feels when he goes home at night and lays in bed. We ONLY know what his speech-writers tell him to say, and what the entirety of the United States government projects feed its people—with him as the mouthpiece.

Shut the fuck up. That’s the most typically liberal apologist position to take for a warmonger who knows exactly what he’s doing. Try telling the same thing to someone sitting in Pakistan. I lived there and as soon as the Kill List came out, Pakistanis in the tribal areas had to flee because they feared US drone strikes. Here’s one (of at least twenty different policies - yes, twenty) where Obama had the individual power to sign yes or no on a strategy in foreign policy directed at the ME/SA. This individual decision had nothing to do with the Congress. He had the power to sign no. He didn’t. The Kill List, once devised, had Obama’s full approval of what constituted a terrorist and the names on it. Including children. Boys below 15. Not only that but the Kill List also enunciated what kind of gatherings would be “potentially terrorist hangouts” and it included funerals, majlis, etc. Plus the Kill List would decide which “terrorist” could be proven innocent posthumously and which one couldn’t. This was done under Obama’s full approval. I said one of the twenty policies directed at the “greater Middle East” because the remaining nineteen also had a green signal from his side. I am fairly sure this Democrat position of looking at Obama with a sympathetic eye would’ve been nowhere if this was Bush. The funny part is that both bastards are identical when it comes to foreign policy with a few differences domestically. People who take the position of insisting that Obama is somehow deep down inside an innocent man who feels helpless about his job are no better than the people who vocally and blindly support him in his fucking bloodshed. 

read the bolded bits.